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So the Blood of Olympus came out, but i dont have it, nor have i read all the other books in the series. (i read up to Mark of Athena but only read half of it).
But as always it will be spoiled for me by all the lovely fandom accounts i follow on Instagram, which is exactly what happened while i…

Same for me

That happens with any show that I watch or started watching.

Thanks @miloisawesome1206 
1. Don’t have one
2. Blue (though a lot of people think they are green)
3. Blond
4. I remember the whole scene of the Gingerbread and Lord Far Quad from Shrek 1 all the way to the part where he said to bring in the mirror
5. 💙💜
6. Starbucks ☕️💚
7. Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Bublé, and Céline Dion
8. 🐯🐬🐳🐆
9. I have too many to count
10. Same as #9



The only problem with this is that Seaworld’s Orcas are trained at birth to have a relationship with humans so they can’t survive in the wild and Seaworld has saved thousands of animals and return them to the sea.
Example: Winter from the Clear Water Aquarium even though she wasn’t one of the ones to go back to sea Seaworld did help CWA with Winter the dolphin.

1. we all know they can’t be released. this is not new information.

2. seaworld rescuing and releasing animals has absolutely nothing to do with captive orcas and is a poor argument used to lure people away from the real issues.

3. i haven’t heard of seaworld assisting CMA in the rescue of winter so if you could provide some links or other evidence of sorts, that’d be great.

Have you ever seen dolphin tale?

At the very end in the credits area they show when Winter was actually saved from the crab trap you can probably look it up on YouTube or any news channel or just watch the movie

also I’m not saying that what SeaWorld does is right but that is how they make their money and attract tourist. When you turn into SeaWorld there a statue of Orcas that is how you know that is SeaWorld. Also they can’t make a big tank for all of their animals they don’t have the room for it.
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